Marine Engine Flush

Marine Engine Flush Systems

The Blue-Thru marine engine flush has simple to use tablets, and hose dispenser making it a breeze to do the required flush after each use. Remove baked Salt from your engines cooling Chambers and Electrical Equipment.

As a boat owner and frequent angler for more than 30 Years it surprises me to find out about products designed to remove salt from my outboard engine. I always thought that if you flushed your motor with fresh water after using it in saltwater then that took care of any corrosion problems.

Boy was I wrong, even my 20 hp engine began to lose power, I found my answer in the Salt Buildup Examplecorroded head gasket that leaked just enough saltwater into my combustion chamber reducing power.

The Cooling chambers were almost plugged to a point that the water still flowed but the coating of corrosion insulated the Cylinders from cooling properly thus burning more fuel.

Corrosion Problems

So now a days with my 2008 – 115 Horse Power Evenrude engine I make sure to flush every trip with more than 700 Hours on the motor, but was that enough?

I have now replaced 4 failed fuel pressure sensors,the Computer and 2 sets of thermostats. Even though the factory advertise service after 300 hours I do 100 hour and complete 200 hour maintenance as any engine owned. 

But even with all that maintenance I found corrosion around the engine compartment and build up in the water intakes, thermostat housing and I’m sure the computer that sits on top of the engine has baked in Salt.

A couple of weeks ago my uncle [ Ken Hall ] comes up with this old product that has been around for years and asks if it is something that we might add as a product for World Wide Marine Marketing. This product called Blue-Thru claimed as a Salt remover and corrosion prevention for internal marine engine cooling systems. So after doing a few tests and the marine engine flush on my outboard and outer compartment I could see the value in flushing with this salt removal kit. The corrosion and salt buildup that was around the Bottom of my motor compartment is now gone and my engine has begun to run smoother as well.

I believe that I had salt built up in my computer cooling chambers, when you think about it every time you stop the motor you are baking in a little more salt throughout the cooling system, and then we expect plain water to remove it!

Blue-thru Engine flush kitThe Blue-Thru marine engine flush kit has simple to use tablets, and hose dispenser. I adding some quick hose couplings and now  it’s easy to do the required flush after each boat use. The tablets quickly turn your flush stream to blue and when the Blue is Thru your through.

Each Flush removes salt built up and leaves a protective anti fouling film to protect cooling passages and components.

The physical and chemical properties of this product are environmentally safe and biodegradable defined by the Material Safety Data Sheet and OSHA Standards. 


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