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Tablet Refill


Salt Removal Refills


Blue-Thru Tablets are used to power your Engine Flush Dispenser, Power Washer, Garden Sprayer, car wash or general use sprayers. Reload your salt removal system before running out to ensure your boats engine's internal cooling chambers stay in like new peak performace condidtion.

A bottle of Blue-Thru's high concentrate tablets can last you depending on your engines block size from 10 to 20 flushes, this is measured by the horse power rating of your engine to provide an adequate flush insuring a complete removal of baked on crystallized or loose salt build up. 


Marine Engine Flush

If you have not used a salt removal system before, or one that really did not do the job for you, be sure to treat your first flush with a double dose of blue-thru to flush out heavy baked on salt residue. As the flush begins to clear stop the flow to allow a slight amount of the Blue-Thru to remain in the chambers, this is noted by watching the coloration of the liquid flow from a dark blue to a clearer tint of blue towards the end of the flush.

This is especially important for stern drive or inboard engines even if they have closed cooling chambers to protect the exaust risers that are usually made of cast iron. Inboard engines all have a raw water pump and a sea strainer to provide either a raw water flow throgh the entire block or circulated in closed cooling heat exchangers.



Outboard Engine Flush

Outboard engines can have raw water or salt water, minerals, or even sulfer that can block cooling chambers during daily use and these minerals can build up during heating and cooling each time you move locations. After a typical days use running back to the dock with just more salt water running through it's vanes just does not clear the cooling passages. Some engines have cooling chambers in the ecm's to keep the electronic components cooled down from engine surface and enclosed cowling heat. Internal gaskets, o-rings, and aluminum chambers can hold the salt even with fresh water flushing.

Check with your dealer as most of them now offer some type of Salt flush system composed of a Liquid that is not only bulky to store but messy to mix or hazardous to the enviroment. Blue-thru will dislose the chemical make up of it's ingredients to anyone, there is no secret here they are made of food grade materials and are eviromentally safe. The chemicals in the mix is Citric Acid, soda, carnauba wax and Food coloring, however what separates us from the rest is the patented tablets allowing for ease of use and storage. The dispenser has no moving parts other than the lid to take off to include your recomeded tablets for the required engine flush.

Newer Outboard engines have flush ports making the hook up quick and safe, earlier  model engines require muffs or clamp on devices covering the water intakes on the lower units to provide the dspenser and water line. check with manufacturer if required to run engines some of the ports are set up to flush all water jackets without running the engine at all.

Note: Always stand clear of the propeller when running the engine, some manufacturer recommends removal of the propeller before flushing with flush port cups.


Inboard Engine Flush

Most all of the inboards are flushed by running a garden hose in the sea-strainer and starting the engine to circulate fresh water, this allows you to drop in 4 tablets of Blue-Thru into the sea strainer during this process without the use of the dispenser.

Note: if your craft has 2 engine's you need to double the number of tablets used.


Personal WaterCraft

PWC stands for Personal Water Craft and can include Jet ski's, WaveRunner, Sea-Doo and Jet boats of various types, all are powered by a stream of high presure water produced by a Multi Pump system. Pump-Jet's are treated the same way as any marine engine requiring a fresh water flush and many countries have bodies of water that contain high levels of minerals, sulfers as well as salt that need to be flushed from internal cooling chambers. 

Connect the Blue-Thru dispenser between the garden hose water source and the crafts flush port and follow the manufacturer's recomendations on whether or not the engine should be run to complete the flush process. Most PWC will require only 2 tablets however some jet drives boat models will qualify for a higher amount due to horse power or the size of the engine block, for these vessals simply follow the recomended dosage listed on the tablet bottle.


Stern Drive Marine Engines

Stern Drive or I/O type marine engines drives are bolted through the boats transom claming the transom between the drive unit and the engines bell housing with a short coupling shaft and bellow seal. This type of drive can contain a pump in the lower unit of the drive that is totaly submerged in salt water and does not always get removed from the water.

Some marine stern drive units can include a raw water pump driven by a gear or belt off the front side of the engine block itself and can produce a flow of sea water through the entire block or through a heat exchanger for closed cooling models.

These type of engines as well as inboard models can be gas powered or diesel engine supported and can be a little more tricky to flush and are the most highly neglected.

To flush your stern drive on the trailer use the recomended cups or ear muffs specified by your dealer with the Blue-Thru dispenser connected between the drives lower unit and your water supply (garden hose).

To flush in the water a flush port added by the factory or dealer can be used in the inlet side of your cooling system that will allow a garden hose with the dispenser attached, tilt the drives to the most upward trim position and run the water until the blue is through.

Check with your manufacturer on whether you should run the engine during this process, remember some lower units for instance alpha merc drives contain the water pump and running dry can harm the impeller in a very short time.  

When the Blue is Thru your Thru!

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